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The part-time Certified PotentialMasters® Mentor program enables you to be professionally trained in 2 chosen levels of the PotentialMasters® System. The training will be conducted personally by Daniel G. Bieber, Founder and CEO of PotentialMasters®. It includes a one day exclusive start training where you learn the basic content on the chosen topics. Each topic has 3 modules which will be systematically deepened over a period of 6 months with a 1.5 hours Skype training every 4 weeks.

Certified PotentialMasters® Mentor

After the 6 months of training you will have a final exclusive workshop day together with Daniel G. Bieber. There you will develop your own mentoring offer as well as an outstanding positioning to succeed in the market. On this day you will also receive the qualification “Certified PotentialMasters® Mentor”, which also points out the value for potential customers and employers if they work with you.

The peculiarity of the training

In order to achieve sustainable results, you will be provided with 2 trainees via the PotentialMaster® network during the 6-month period of your program. You will pass to them your acquired knowledge and likewise you will gain the necessary practical experience . Thus you already receive the first two clients as well as the first two references as a mentor. The results of your sessions with the trainees will be discussed in the monthly Skype calls, where you will receive practical tips in addition to the content of the training program.

  • Our mentoring program means that you will be trained as a coach, trainer and consultant at the same time. This will be achieved through the PotentialMasters® system, on which the training is based, in combination with the practical learning with the 2 trainees. In this way you are enabled to professionally advance people in their potential development through professional guidance (counselling), effective knowledge transfer (training) and assistance to find the solutions (coaching)
  • The flexible structure of the PotentialMasters® System enables you to customize it with your own knowledge, methods and experience. In this way, you easily create your own system for potential development and thus save a lot of time and money. Furthermore you stand out of the crowd with your own unique and effective system
  • After completing the program you will be included in the Rent a PotentialMasters® database and thus can act as a mentor within the network of PotentialMasters®. Therefore, you can quickly and easily establish new contacts with potential clients without investing too much time in acquisition
  • Since the training is conducted personally by Daniel G. Bieber, Founder and CEO of PotentialMasters®, you benefit not only from the program but also from the profound experience of a passionate entrepreneur, visionary and networker. On top you get the insights that are usually provided in an expensive consulting

Choose your 2 topics of training

Level 1
Mental positioning

The mental positioning helps you to clearly recognize your personal key quality, with which you stand out and to find the right focus for the implementation of your goals and ideas

You will be given the necessary push to leave the hamster wheel of stagnation and to successfully live your

Level 2
Strategic positioning

The strategic positioning helps you to successfully bring your personal key qualities as an outstanding brand or business in the market by finding your niche

You gain clarity about your target group and can address them precisely. Thus you create the highest attraction what makes you stand out of the crowd

Level 3
PotentialMasters® Networking

The PotentialMasters® Networking helps you to systematically build up and extend your contacts on personal and business levels

You build a strong and supportive network that opens new doors for you and helps you to realize your goals
and ideas

Level 4
PotentialMaster® Mindset

The PotentialMasters® Mindset helps you to successfully live your potential by easily overcoming obstructive beliefs and challenges

You transform occurring problems into the assets of personal and business growth and thus strengthen your emotional resistance

All services at a glance:

Price of the program:

9.900 € 6.982 (VAT included)

  • 1 day start training to learn the basic content of the 2 chosen topics with Daniel G. Bieber
  • 1 day final workshop to develop your system and positioning as a mentor with Daniel G. Bieber
  • Training documents in Powerpoint, Keynote and Word files
  • 6 month of training on the 3 modules of each chosen topic via 1,5 hours Skype call every 4 weeks with Daniel G. Bieber
  • 6 months of support via Messenger during the entire training period
  • 2 trainees for practical experience during the training program provided by PotentialMasters®
  • The qualification "Certified PotentialMasters® Mentor" including the designation of the added value for potential customers and employers
  • Rights of use for commercial reason with the indication of the source
  • Placement in the Rent a PotentialMasters® database for one year after the training
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Phone: +49 (0) 9128 – 722 213 7