PotentialMasters® Business Retreats on Tenerife

Combine your next vacation with a 2 days business retreat on Tenerife. Available as individual 2 days workshops or team building events 

Exclusively with Daniel G. Bieber, Founder & CEO of PotentialMasters®

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What you get

In combination with beach, sun and relaxation our PotentialMasters® Business Retreats offer you the opportunity to learn new, effective methods for your personal and business development – based on the 4 levels of the PotentialMasters® System – in a 2 days workshop. You can choose your 2 topics for the workshop from the 4 levels of the PotentialMasters® System and decide whether it is an advanced vocational training for your personal or business development (including a certificate) or a strategic consulting for your business growth.

Choose the topics of your retreat

Level 1
Mental positioning

The mental positioning helps you to clearly recognize your personal key quality, with which you stand out and to find the right focus for the implementation of your goals and ideas

You will be given the necessary push to leave the hamster wheel of stagnation and to successfully live your

Level 2
Strategic positioning

The strategic positioning helps you to successfully bring your personal key qualities as an outstanding brand or business in the market by finding your niche

You gain clarity about your target group and can address them precisely. Thus you create the highest attraction what makes you stand out of the crowd

Level 3
PotentialMasters® Networking

The PotentialMasters® Networking helps you to systematically build up and extend your contacts on personal and business levels

You build a strong and supportive network that opens new doors for you and helps you to realize your goals
and ideas

Level 4
PotentialMasters® Mindset

The PotentialMasters® Mindset helps you to successfully live your potential by easily overcoming obstructive beliefs and challenges

You transform occurring problems into the assets of personal and business growth and thus strengthen your emotional resistance

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Pictures of the Retreat

Services at a glance

  • 2 days workshop (5 hours a day) on the chosen topics
  • Practical strategies and solutions for your situation
  • Documents & audio recordings of the mentoring
  • Training certificate, which also highlights the added value for potential employers and customers
  • Guided PotentialMasters® Meditation with the practical tips for everyday use. Learn more
  • Accommodation in a luxury villa with the private pool and 4 bedrooms available. Thus you can also bring your family with you or book a retreat together with your friends

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