PotentialMasters® team

Daniel G. Bieber

Founder & CEO of PotentialMasters®

Daniel is the creator of PotentialMasters® and CEO of StrategieMentoren GmbH. In the last 16 years, Daniel was continuously involved in sales as well as strategic marketing. In these fields, he held management positions in the international hotel industry in Germany, US and Switzerland. In 2010 he founded his first company, a cloud based platform for hotels and conference planners. In 2013 Daniel founded his second company StrategieMentoren GmbH which offers management consulting on strategic positioning as well as personal development. Daniel practices since more than 15 years Buddhist meditation and is highly interested in neuropsychology. His 16 years of profound professional experience as well as the results of his Buddhist meditation practice have enabled him to continuously develop the concept of PontentialMasters® over the last 5 years. Daniel is a passionated entrepreneur and visionary. Its his passion to help people worldwide to discover their potential and bring it into realization.

PotentialMasters® International

Alyona Semenova

Country Manager Russia & Spain

Alyona represents PotentialMasters® in the Russian Federation as well as in Spain. She holds a Master Degree in Tourism Management as well as a Master Degree in Linguistics.

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